How It All Started.....

If you look like a Million Bucks – you feel like a Billion Bucks. 

My son reminded me the other day how 25 years ago, when I had my studio in NYC, that I only wore black……black silk suits, black silk shirts, black leather jackets, black jeans and always black shoes.

All of that changed in one night at a gallery opening when an account executive from Stuart Weitzman approached me and told me how much he loved my artwork.  He loved the colors.  He loved the fluidity of the art.  Then he told me that I should be putting my work on silk.  He also told me that if they had known about my artwork a few months earlier that they would be working with me and not Nicole Miller on their current project.

My mind started racing and the next morning I was on the phone with my past clients who manufactured silk ties.  I told them what I was doing, and they were not interested in my artwork.  I started searching for silk tie manufacturers in China, France and Italy. 

Italian Silk Ties

The Chinese were willing, and their prices were amazing, but they told me that for the first year I owned the designs – the next year they owned them.  No deal!

After a couple of days, I found a silk mill in Italy who had been manufacturing silk since the 1700’s.  I reached out to them and the CEO sent me back an email that his company didn’t do what I needed but one of his family members would be perfect.

I made contact, they sent me their sewing pattern for the ties.  I went to work redesigning my artwork for the pattern.  Forty-Five days later I received my first line of hand-made Italian Silk Ties.

Everyday I wear one I have strangers who come up to me to tell me how much they love my tie.  Since then I have made silk scarves, satin bomber jackets, Silk Sensation Kimono’s and Sarongs and now Napa leather sandals.

My brand has grown.  But what is exciting is to hear back from my customers.  They tell me about the people who compliment them on their wardrobe but more importantly how wearing my art makes them feel amazing.  There is something…… something about wearing a piece of art, the colors, the design and yes, the fabric that makes you feel unique.  And when you look in the mirror you will see your smile.

My wearable art is more than a luxurious clothing line.  Its an attitude, a feeling like no other and when someone says to you “You look like a million bucks!” You will smile and say ‘Thank you’.  While secretly telling yourself – but I feel like a Billion.

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